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Updated: April 22, 2024

The world will come to an end, but the monster models will still be around. James Bama, who went on to paint artwork for over twenty of Aurora’s kit boxes.

Well-executed comic book ads were often just as enticing ( and sometimes more, depending on the title ) as the contents proper. A prime example, this lovely Aurora Monster Kit campaign, announcing the epochal model maker’s forays out of the Universal menagerie of misunderstood fiends with Toho’s Godzilla and RKO’s King Kong. The first Aurora monster model advertisement, it appeared in various DC Comics titles dated November and December, 1963.

The ad ran on the back cover of various DC titles in late 1964. In this case, House of Secrets no. 69 ( Dec. 1964 ). The artwork is almost certainly that of Mr. Murphy Anderson, who goes uncredited, but is betrayed by the characteristic finesse of his inking.

A couple of the models that usually received considerably less attention got their turn in the spotlight in this ad that appeared on the back cover of select DC titles cover-dated October, 1965. Incidentally, if you were wondering, indeed, the giant monsters cost more 50 cents more. A bunch more empty bottles to collect, son.

In the late 60s, a new twist was added: phosphorescence! A cool idea, it however made painting the models, a tricky task to begin with, even less rewarding, as opacity was a bitch to achieve. It worked okay if you had mostly light colored The Mummy, but otherwise This advert appeared on the back cover of DC Comics dated October, 1969 and thereabouts.

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