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Updated: August 17, 2023

Marta Kristen will be forever known as "Judy Robinson" in the cult 1960s science fiction series, Lost in Space, produced by Irwin Allen. Kristen expected more from her character when she got the role, she also wanted a romance between Judy and series co-star Don West ( Mark Goddard ) to happen. But when Kristen mentioned the idea to Irwin Allen, her producer was uncomfortable with such a storyline happening in a kid's show. In one very early episode, when the space castaways go for a drive in the "chariot", we see a bit of soft romance happen between Judy and Don, but it only lasts for a second.

Despite not getting to do much in the series, when Judy was on screen, her male viewers watched with joy. And Kristen admits to being a fan of her episode, "Attack of the Monster Plants", where an evil double of Judy is created by a giant plant. Judy also got things to do in later color Lost in Space episodes like "A Visit to Hades" and "A Visit to a Hostile Planet".

Kristen appeared in The Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen ( 1995 ) TV show, she still appears at sci-fi conventions in the USA and she even went as far as Australia to see fans a few years back. She was born out of wedlock in Norway to a Finnish mother and a German soldier the German army was occupying Norway at the time who was later killed in combat. She was left in an Oslo orphanage at the age of two months. In 1949 she was adopted by an American couple and grew up in the United States.

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