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Updated: November 03, 2023

Actress Marta Kristen as Judith Elana Robinson. "Biography" Birth:

Place Los Angeles, California Birthday: February 26, 1978 Height: 5'4" Weight: 108 Pounds Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde Hobbies: Acting, Singing, Popular Music, Sleeping in late. Judith ( Judy ) Elana Robinson was born in Los Angeles, California, and was the first child of John & Maureen Robinson. Because of her parents careers, Judy rarely lived in any location for a period of time. This resulted in her being a backward, shy child who a considerable amount of difficulty making friends. Although her family had a loving and open relationship, John & Maureen were, because of economic interests, forced to pursue their own careers, & Judy spent most of her time living with her Aunt Colleen in Los Angeles. She became very close to her counsin Joan, a relationship that continued up to the day of the Jupiter-2 launch.

Marta Kristen was choosen by Producer Irwin Allen by her charm, beauty, and her flashy big earings. Marta was not interested in science fiction at the time, and turned the role down several times. But after several calls to Marta by Irwin, she finally decided to give the new adventure show a try. The rest is history, and she will always be remembered as the space beauty teenager we all love so dearly.

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