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Updated: January 16, 2018

This is the original jump-suit worn by actress, Lacey Chabert who played Penny Robinson in the 1998 film. The costume is mint, and complete with jump-suit and long grey sleeve shirt. Lacey worn this costume throughout the film, with different color shirts. One was when her and Will Robinson (Jack Johnson) was rebuilding the robot. But, the most memorable scene was when she was hanging up side down when repairing the Jupiter-2. The photos do not show this, but you can see the cable wires on the legs front the stunt use.

The costume also includes, "PENNY" on the tag. I purchase this item from Mark Short of Napeville, IL on 3/20/99.

(*) Update: On April 11, 2005 we located and purchase the original boots completeting this costume. Many thanks to, "Ken Caslis" for making this possible.

Value: $2,000-Up.

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