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Updated: April 28, 2019

I received an e-mail on 8/06/01 from a prop dealer in, Central Scotland United Kingdom. I recently purchased the original LIS movie crew member vest jacket from. (07/09/01) He promised me that he would keep his eyes open for anything related on, "Lost in Space" for me. As you can see, he kept his word with me too!

This original Jupiter-2 model was used for filming during the production of the movie. The Jupiter-2 is two and 1/2 feet long, is fully detailed and unpainted. It was used for the space shots, and the lighting effects within the spaceship. This prop was indeed used in the filming and then color digitally painted over the details, hence the reason for the level of detail on this prop model. I received this item on September 01, 2001 and was amazed on the quality and detail of this prop. The Jupiter-2 is made of a white plaster, and weighs over 70 pounds. It costed me $200.00 just on the shipping fees alone. I was told that this prop was also used for the crash scenes on the alien planet during the shooting on the film.

Value: $5,000-Up.

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