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Updated: September 22, 2004

A tactical costume worn by Gary Oldman as Dr. Smith in the sci-fi movie Lost In Space. The costume consists of a rubberized vest that would have originally been a scuba divers which has been customized by the prop department. There is a large pipe on the back which connects to a rubber pack made to look like a fan. There are a series clear tubes running all around the edges of the jacket which light up neon blue when a switch is flicked on a power pack and there is a small working torch on each of the shoulders. Underneath the vest is a black jacket which fastens up the front with plastic clasps, has several pockets and is made from netting like material and strong waterproof material.

The trousers are also made of the same material and have pockets down the legs, padded knees and are labelled ‘Gary Oldman Smith'. A pair of large black boots are also included which would have originally been snow boots that have been customized with reflective strips on them (size 9). The actor can be seen wearing this amazing costume as he is exploring the Derelict ship that the crew discover, immediately before the spider attack.

Special thanks to Stephen Lane, of the Propstore of London for the courtsey photos and info on this great costume.

Value: $5,000-Up.

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