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Updated: May 25, 2013

Here we have TWO MUSEUM QUALITY LIFEMASKs of the world famous ACTOR GARY OLDMAN from the motion picture BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA made out of white hydrocal plaster . These two castings are quite sturdy and each one has a metal hanger in the back so you may display these two side by side for comparison on your wall of famous faces. A wonderful addition to any lifecast/ life cast/ life mask/special effects make-up collection. This smaller actual face cast of GARY OLDMAN was created for the special effects make-up department/studio giving them a casting or copy of his real face to create a character MAKE-UP on the actor.

The second larger bat face casting is a copy of the actual make-up appiliances used for the film and were worn by Gary Oldman in the movie. If you look closely at the two side by side comparison shots you can see that the eye lids are the same on both casts. the smaller cast is an actual copy of the one that was taken for his make-up to be designed on. A very beautiful art piece.

Value: $1000-Up.

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