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Updated: November 03, 2023

The short fan made Lost in Space movie "The Journey Home" continues the adventures of the Jupiter-2 crew as if 37 years have passed since the last televised episode. It was edited mostly from home movies taken at the Wonderfest convention. Additional scenes of the Jupiter-2 were computer models created by the team of Richard Taylor, Ronnie Lee Pendergraft and R.C. "Carl" Reddin and captured from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Robots used in the production were built by Pat Burns and Dan Livingston. The Jupiter-2 flight deck set was also built by Pat Burns. And of course Mark Goddard was very gracious to recreate the scene where he falls back and forth in front of the flight deck as the Jupiter-2 is rocked by meteroids.

It couldn't have been made without the work of many talented people who did all that work for free. Also, many thanks to Bill Hedges for these photos and info.

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