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Updated: November 03, 2023

Contact proof shots were taken normally before shooting begins to adjust lighting, special effects, quick action film shots, promotional use, or close-ups on the actors. The film is usually tossed out into the garbage not having any value or interest in the production of the show or movie. These proofs shown are of Guy Williams and June Lockhart on Lost in Space. These were taken for the pilot of the series. In which was reused in the first five episodes. Professor John Robinson and mother Maureen Robinson are in the space chariot on a strange alien desert in search of young son Will Robinson, who is missing from the family. These scenes were later used on, "Invaders from the Fifth Dimension".

Value of these proofs depends on the episode, and the rarety of the shot increases the value on these proofs tremendously. These contact sheets are as close as "bloopers" of the show as we know it. I love the cast shots. Additional shots are from the third season episode "Hunter's Moon" with special alien of the week Vincent Beck as "Megazor". Also come great contact sheets from the "Keeper" and "War of the Robots".

Many of these images are very small on the individual contact sheets. Getting close-up shots are almost impossible here, without loosing the quality of the images. We hope to re-take many of these sheets, and repost them here, when time permits us. Many of these contact sheets are very scare, are are very collectible in the industry.

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