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Updated: November 03, 2023

Signed by the original 8 living cast members. Guy Williams death in 1989 makes this photo incomplete. Mr. Williams signatures are quite rare, and prices demand as high as $500.00 of Mr. Williams. Cast signatures normally go for $20 and up. Mrs. June Lockhart signatures are expensives to get. June has also signed Guy Williams name to many photo's over the years. "Buyers beward, there are a lot of fake signatures of Guy Williams!"

With the passing of actor Jonathan Harris in November of 2002, complete signed cast photos will become ever more value and fought for by collectors. This section will also include signed photos of the individual cast members, and group signed photos.

Value: ( 8 ) Cast Members $600 - With Guy Williams - Value: ( 9 ) $1,000. Individuals $30.

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