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Updated: October 12, 2023

"Lost in Space" the Cartoon Series!

ABC Season Premier 1973: Starring Jonathan Harris from the ABC Saturday Superstar Movie Series! Shows Cartoon cast .. Linc, Craig Robinson & Deana Carmichael plus the Robot on the Jupiter-2 During a Meteor Shower.

Hanna-Barbera's animated version of "Lost in Space" (9/8/73), kicked off the second season of this series. Craig Robinson (voiced by Mike Bell) and his crew embark on a peace saving mission, cruising the universe in their space shuttle, the Jupiter-2. They help the peaceful Throgs in their attempts to ward off the Tyranos, a group of metallic creatures who have declared war on their planet.

Jonathan Harris reprised his role as Dr. Smith, and along with the Robot were the only characters from the original series to be featured in this version. The cartoon featured Shari Alberoni as Deanna Carmichael, Vince Van Patten as Linc Robinson and Don Messick as the Robot, the narrator and other incidental voices.

From the 1973 Hanna-Barbera cartoon special hosted by the ABC network. This is a fan re-producted VHS video. The stores never sold this video, seeing the cartoon was not that poplar, nor much of a request for it. You can find a copy for sale on eBay.

The Lost in Space Cartoon. Air date 09/08/73 Featuring the voice of Jonathan Harris as Dr. Smith. Although not strictly a LIS episode or following the true LIS character and story lines, ABC aired this little gem on the old Saturday Superstar Movie feature. After the cartoon, the original copy of the sales pitch to advertisers for the Lost in Space series is shown. This is extremely rare. An original promo!

The Robinson family, carrying Craig Robinson as a scientist and Dr. Smith as a vacationer to Saturn, take the Jupiter-2 into space, where it is hit by a swarm of meteorites, making it lost in space. Finding a planet, they land, to discover that it is populated by two groups: the Throggs, good, frog like aliens, and the Tyrranos, evil types at war. The running time is 60 minutes. The quality is good. Very campy! A must for true fans.

Value: $20.

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