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Updated: March 28, 2024

Danger! Danger! Danger Will Robinson!

Lost in Space - Season One DVD Collection

Everyone's Favorite Intergalactic Space Family reorbits On January 13 when Fox Home Entertainment Launches The Eight-Disc DVD Set that features all 29 episodes from the first season plus an unaired pilot.

Century City, California. The Robinsons, America's favorite sci-fi family are back when Fox Home Entertainment releases Irwin Allen's 1960s cult sci-fi hit "Lost in Space" season one DVD collection on January on January 13, 2004.

A TV phenomenon that aired from 1965-1968, "Lost in Space" was watched by millions of loyal fans who loved seeing the Robinson family in their wild, wacky weekly space adventures ranging from encountering galactic penal colonies, chasing Space Viking, being trapped by fanatical toy makers and being turned into giant vegetables. The only place classic TV fans can see the show, the collectible eight-disc set includes all 29 episodes from season one and the unaired pilot for the suggested retail price of $79.98 U.S. $99.98 Canada. Pre-book is December 17, 2003.

Series Synopsis:

"Lost in Space" aired for three seasons between September 1965 through March 1968 and established itself as a classic TV cult phenomenon enjoyed by millions of fans. Before "Star Trek," the intrepid space family Robinsons traversed outside the intergalactic lanes in search of Alpha Centauri, the only habitable star system within the reach of man's technology. On October 16, in Fictional 1997, the Robinson Family takes off on the Jupiter-2 spacecraft for a journey to the planet Alpha Centauri. Before liftoff, Zachary Smith, an enemy government spy and intergalactic doctor, plans to destroy the spacecraft. But his plan backfires, and he becomes trapped on board. Smith accidentally destroys the Jupiter-2's guidance system and it becomes lost in space. Space Family Robinsons adventures begin, encountering galactic penal colonies, chasing Space Vikings, being trapped by fanatical toy makers, and even more sinister, being turned into giant vegetables!

Special Features And Disc Content Specifics:

The "Lost in Space" season one episodes are compiled on one single layered and seven dual-layered discs (full frame, aspect ratio 1.33:1). Episodes are presented in black and white, with English mono and Spanish mono. In addition, the following episodes are featured on each disc:

Disc 1
* The Reluctant Stowaway
* The Derelict
* Island In The Sky
* There Were Giants In The Earth

Disc 2
* The Hungry Sea
* Welcome Stranger
* My Friend, Mr. Nobody
* Invaders From the Fifth Dimension

Disc 3
* The Oasis
* The Sky Is Falling
* Wish Upon A Star
* The Raft

Disc 4
* One Of Our Dogs Is Missing
* Attack of the Monster Plants
* Return From Outer Space
* The Keeper- Part 1

Disc 5
* The Keeper- Part 2
* The Sky Pirate
* Ghost In Space
* The War of the Robots

Disc 6
* The Magic Mirror
* The Challenge
* The Space Trader
* His Majesty Smith

Disc Seven
* The Space Croppers
* All That Glitters
* The Last Civilization
* A Change Of Space

Disc Eight
* Follow The Leader
* No Place to Hide (Unaired pilot)

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