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Updated: May 03, 2022

Welcome to our new photo gallery! Many of you have requested "Behind the Scenes" photos from Lost in here it is! You may have seen some of these rare photos before, if not., your in for a treat here. These images / photos were taken early in 1964-65 at the CBS studio's during the making of Lost in Space. Shown here are rare photos of the Jupiter-2 set (both level 1 and level 2). Including early stage development of of the Jupiter-2. Note the stage hand directors, and art directors and set crew around the freezing tubes, galley, and viewport areas. You can also see a stage hand with a clapboard around the Jupiter-2 campsite area, and backdrop of the alien planet landscape area.

Note that there are numbers indicated on the images / photos for referrence for the set and art directors. This was used for art / set directors for future updates and changes for the series. We hope to add more rare behind the scenes in the weeks ahead. Special thanks to, "Jeff Sillifant of Stillthings" in Las Vegas for these rare photos!

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