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Updated: March 16, 2022

Lost in Space "The Keeper" (Season One January 12, 1966 1 of 2 episodes)

The Keeper is an alien who travels the galaxy collecting living pairs of interesting or rare animals. His courtly overtures towards the Robinsons belie his true intention to add a pair of humans to his incredible menagerie.


The Keeper, a collector of animal specimens, comes to the planet to collect two of every kind. The Robinson party only becomes aware of his presence after Dr. Smith is ultra-sonically mesmerized into entering one of his cages. The Keeper, who can be as charming as he is condescendingly arrogant, eventually comes to see the Robinsons and thereafter sets out to add a couple of them to his collection.


The sound effect for the tarantula creature is similar to the one used for the TIE fighters in Star Wars.

When asked how the cage can attract an animal, the Robot says, "There is a sonar receiver attuned for high frequency electrical impulses." A receiver could only receive the broadcast signal, it wouldn't be able to produce it.

The Keeper: Now go before my anger clouds my judgement and I destroy you.

An alien known as The Keeper (Michael Rennie) wants to add Will and Penny to his collection of space creatures.

Over the decades I have spoken to many Lost In Space fans and I am yet to find someone who dis-likes this two-part adventure.

Wonderfully scripted, acted and filmed.

Jonathan Harris once said that Michael Rennie was without question the best guest star to appear on the series. I agree he is one of the best. Over the years I have seen Rennie in many roles but it is LIS's Keeper and Time Tunnel's Titanic Captain that I always remember him for.

This 100 minute Keeper adventure is close to perfect, with the whole regular cast getting things to do, the only small negative element is a two minute bit (in part two) where a very fake giant spider attacks the group.

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