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Updated: August 20, 2011

Lost in Space custum 16 inch reto Robot. Blue collar worker, a one of a kind item! YM-3 Robot taken from the best Of 1st & 2nd season Robot LIS TV-Series & 60's Remco Robot Colors & Style. Customized from Masudaya YM-3 Robot Kit from Japan Only produced in 1980's.

* Main-Custom Add-On: LiGHTS / Bubble / Motorized Rolling-Wheels / Black-Rubber Coil-Arms.

* CuSTOMIZED: ~ The Robot New-Features As Follows:

* Painted RETRO-Colors: Silver & Black ~ With Special Collar tinted BLUE-TRANSPARENT.

* Arms Replaced With Black-Rubber Coil-Arms With Silver-Claws ( Arms are Flexible Poseable. )

* Motorized Rolling-Wheels Added / This Does Not Come With Original Masudaya. ( Robot Rolling-Action Moves Smoothly In One-Direction Straight-Foward. )

* Bubble Completely Replaced Customized ( More Authentic )

* Added Blinking-Lights In Robot Bubble-Head. ( Original Masudaya Does Not Have Any Lights In Dome )

* Chest-Light Bright Blinkng White-Light Added.

* Control-Plate Blinkng-Light Top Two-Buttons Have Been Drilled-Out Clear-Bulbs Placed In. ( Original Masudaya Top Two Buttons Do Not Come With Lighted-Bulbs. )

* Control-Plate Square-Buttons Decals / Printed Word Function Description

* The Computer-Door Just Under Control-Plate Has Been Cut-Out Customized.

* Beautifully Painted ~ Silver Metallic Torso & Platform / Black-Legs / Black-Treads.

* The Leg-Section Has Been Shorten One-Ring To Give Robot A SQUATTER-LooK.

* Powered By ~ Newly Provided: Three AA-Batteries Rest Inside Robot Leg Section For Wheels.

* For Lights: 8 AA-Battery-Pack Rest In Robot Barrel Torso / All Batteries Newly Provided. Two On-Off Power-Sources Switches Back Bottom Robot Legs / Photos to View.

NO Masudaya Robot Voice Box ~ Has Been Taken Out To Add Power For Added Lights.

Retro-Colors Custom 16-Inch Masudaya Robot Looks Great fun Addition With Other LIS Collectibles.

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