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Updated: December 14, 2023

Hi Robert,

Sorry I haven't got back to you sooner. I wanted to provide you a little background on the Remco Reproduction Biz and an update on current parts.

First a little about myself and my brother Chuck who started the molding biz about two years ago. It started when I noticed a lot of Remco Robots on EBay missing the battery bar, claws, etc. I, like other grew up with Lost in Space and had the Remco Robot when I was a kid. One of my all-time favorite toys! Working with my Brother in law Larry a master modeler, he suggested I make the parts myself. Well being pretty good with building things all my life I gave it a try. Well making / molding parts took on whole new adventure for me! I first started to mold the claws. The molds started out pretty ruff, the material first used wasn't strong enough, the colors were difficult to obtain, etc. However, through a lot of trial and persistence I was able to produce some pretty good reproduction parts. The most difficult part to mold to date is the dome for the Robot's head. It takes quite a few hours to mold and form the parts to all work together and hand fit to the Robot's body.

I know the Remco Robot inside and out, why they don't work, etc. Lately I've had customers send me there non-working Robots to repair. This has opened a new area of opportunity for me.

I've included a current price list ( below ) and a pic ( attached ) of the current parts available.



Part and Price list as of 11/04
Claws replica claws chrome, clear, or blue-green $29.99 a set
Chest plate clear, or blue-green $25.99 ea.
Battery bar red-orange, blue or black colors $19.99 ea.
On / off switch red-orange, blue or black colors $19.99 ea.
Third / guidance wheel $39.99 ea.

Tread artwork $5.00 a set

Not to exceed S/H/I ( Once I receive the ship to address, I will provide actual S/H/I costs ) Shipping / Handling within continual US $12.00 per shipment Insurance $4.00 per shipment


For those interested in purchasing any Remco Robot body parts, or repairs you can contact Patrick at,

For those needing special work done on these Remco Robot's, Patrick & Chuck specialize in rebuilding and restoring these classic toys.

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