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Updated: May 02, 2004

This motorized Robot is incised on the back "REMCO * Lost In Space * 1966 Space Productions" on the body side of the toy is written in felt tip pen, black ink: "Best Always Bob May The Robot", as you know Bob May is the original actor inside the Robot costume. Bob May signed it at a show in California about 10 years ago. With Patent Numbers on the bottom.. Standing just about 12 1/2" tall, this is the red body with black arms and legs. The torso can be manually rotated 90 degrees in either direction and the built in "stops" are in place. Robot does work, it can move forward and the light comes on, light is steady, not blinking. The arms are controlled by two handles in the back which can move the arms in and out, they move perfectly . Rubber track wheel steers direction manually, by way of a small attached handle.

Value: $350.

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