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Updated: July 04, 2012

A Lost In Space Robot all blue, rare with the original box made by Remco. This Robot is close to excellent condition. It runs great and lights up. The only thing that is not blue on this rare color Robot is the on/off switch which is red and the original battery bar which is black.

I don't know why these parts were not made blue too? The Robot's head has both upper and lower rings. It has the usual slight fractures in the front, but does not seem to be too noticable as in the photos. The Robot's boby in the back has a hairline crack behind the bubble with again does not take away the great looks of this rare color collectible.

This is yet another first on this Remco Robot on color combination. In 12 plus years of collecting such items, I have not seen an all-blue Robot.

Value: $800. (With Box)

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