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Updated: May 08, 2004

A beautiful rendition of the Remco Robot only this one has been refitted to run better than the actual Remco Lost In Space Robot! Has all the great features of the original Remco all original Remco parts. Except plus a much better looking head-scheme. The Robot barrel has been primed & painted gloss-black. Legs & Arms Original Black Remco-Parts. Repro-Claws have been painted startling gloss krylon-red! Both levers in back work Robot's arm-functions. Runs on two newly provided C-batteries & has bump & go action. Runs very smooth on smooth surfaces. A collectors item for adults only! Many hours of work & study to construct this King Remco! Escape for the Planet Industro here he is! The white blinking-lights in Robot-chest & One switch on-off located in back-lower bottom-legs operates both the light in chest & rolling bump & go. Spinner in Robot-bubble -head goes around when Robot in rolling action! Built and painted by Jerry Von Mueller of New York City. Value: $300.

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