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Updated: February 07, 2009

Now being offered - A resin replica of the 1966 12-inch Remco Robot as depicted in the classic Lost in Space episode "The Anti-Matter Man". The robot has a light-up chest unit and can be custom ordered built-up in any color scheme you want; The Pilot version, Standard version, Purple Leader version or the "Anti-Matter Man" version! (What're you in for, Punk!") The body is constructed of hollow polyurethane resin and the bubble is solid-cast clear polyurethane with the silver collar molded right in! The arms move back and forth and the light is activated by a switch in the back. The 9-volt battery is located beneath the bottom plate of the base which is secured with 4 screws.

A handsome and unique LIS collectible that will dominate any memorabilia display it calls home! Each robot is hand-made to order and is available only through the "Uncle Odie's" Irwin Allen website. As they are custom-produced, the delivery time is appx. 4 weeks. The debut price of these "Bubble-Headed Boobies" is $200.00 plus shipping and handling. If you want to order it in kit form and build it up yourself the price is $140.00 plus shipping and handling (VERY advanced-level resin kit modeling skills are required).

Don't be a "Tin-Plated Traitor" - order yours today! Contact Jerry at:

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