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Updated: July 19, 2019

"My thoughts on the Icon B-9 Robot"

By Larry Lee Moniz:

This is a true piece of history! What you see here is a very rare Lost In Space Robot Replica from "Icons Authentic Replicas". After years of waiting (and thousands of dollars) Robert Vanderpool finally obtained the upper torso of this fine prop completing our hero. When I first came to visit Robert, I was in awe at this Robot's immense size!

For those of you who've never seen a full-sized B-9 Robot up close, it is truly amazing walking up to it. This Robot replica has flashing lights, retractable arms, movable claws, and the torso swivels. The Robot stands almost 7 feet tall! He also has a CD player built in so when a CD of The Robot's voice/sound is played, the chest light flashes in sync with the sound.

Another interesting note:

This particular Robot was the very last one to be produced from "Icons". Only 10 completed Robots were ever made and sent out to Icon customers. It took 7 years to complete this Robot, $4,000. additional dollars, ($10,000. total) and several special dedicated friends to make this Robot apart of my home forever.

It is the ultimate Lost In Space collectible!

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