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Updated: March 19, 2021

This rare Robot was made by the Lilli Ledy Company in Mexico in 1973. It is a "knock-off" of the 1966 Remco Robot. It does have extra features that the original does not have. Such as moveable arms, larger and wideder body base. The chest light area has a moving device. As well as red lighting rotation in the collar head section. It also speaks spanish and comes with decal logo.

As with the Remco Robot of 1966 this Mexican Robot also had clear & black claws. Strange that both companies did this with this rare toy? "These are very rare, and collectors recently just found out about this item. The value of this item depends if the Robot is complete and works. Non-working Robots sells for $1,000-$2,000. The most I've seen one of these go for is $3,000. The box for this rare Robot is more valuable than the Robot it self! Add another $1,000-plus for a box!" GOOD LUCK ON THIS ONE!

On July 6, 2001 a LIS Mexican Robot w/box sold on eBay for $5,000. with 13 bids!

(*) Update: On July 11, 2005 yet another Mexican Ledy Robot hits the eBay auction block. However what makes this auction special is... this is the first that we see the original toy info sheet on this rare toy. It's all in Spanish, and my guess info and or history on the Ledy Company, and little info on the toy.

(*) Update: Receieved this e-mail on October 5, 2005 regarding this rare Lost in Space Mexican Robot. This is the first info I have obtained on this scrare Robot.

Hey Robert,

I had the mexican LIS Robot speach translated. Here it is see ya,


I send you the phrase in Spainish and English:

Información insuficiente. No es computable. Mis sensores perciben amenaza exterior. Deducción lógica. Nos alejamos del sistema solar. La atmósfera de este planeta no es respirable.

Insufficient information. He is not computable. My sensors perceive outer threat. Logical deduction. We moved away of the Solar System. The atmosphere of this planet is not breathable.

We also obtained info on the "MAQ" lettering on the decal of this toy. The wording comes from the word "Maquina" which means, "Machine". This info took me nearly 3 years to obtain.

Value: $1,500-Up.

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