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Updated: January 26, 2018

Without a doudt, the Robinson family could never have survived any length of time without their Robot. Initially, he was stored aboard the Jupiter-2 as an enviromental exploration device - to check potentially lethal atmospheres & planets before the family commited themselves. However, he was programmed by Dr. Smith instead to sabotage the spaceship and kill them all. After this initial bad start, matters settled down, and the Robot proved to be loyal and efficient. He is a model B-9, Mark-3 Robot, with a titanium shell that can take up to 50 tons of pressure. He is equipped with sensing devices, and can accept tapes to program him on many subjects.

He is a medical school "dropout", taking two semesters before transfering to space exploration - at least, according to his own claims! He also claims to have had intergalactic law programmed into him in his first semester. Such claims must be taken with a pinch of salt, since before the Robinsons ventured into space, Earth has had no contacts with our races. Besides which, the Robot has no need to attend classes, since any useful information can simply be fed into him via tapes.

On the other hand, he is brave, dedicated to the family, and Will's best friend. He is cautious, & extremely cynical about anything connected with Dr. Smith. His wit tends towards sarcasm, especially at Smith's expense, and he often mocks the foolish doctor. He takes his responsibilities very seriously, & attempts to teach the children, since there are no schools in outter space. He is able to generate a high voltage electrical spark between his two clawed hands, which comes in handy when frighting alien meneces.

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