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Updated: November 19, 2020

From the classic series "Lost in Space" comes everyone's favorite Bubble Headed Booby! Protecting and serving the Robinson family in their perilous journey across the far reaches of space.

Robot B-9 (YM-3) has many adventures with evil Alien beings and enemy Robots. One favorable episode even sees him battling with Robby the Robot in the wonderful episode "War of the Robots." The Lost in Space Robot is one of the most popular Robots of TV Sci-Fi!

This mint boxed YM-3 was made by the Masudaya toy corporation of Japan in 1985, making this Robot 19 years old! He has several parts which have been factory colored to represent the colors as they appear in the TV show. He also features a great wind up action which works perfectly and when activated he rolls smoothly along. There's lots of great detail to this wonderful Robot including computer chest unit, clear dome head and tracks for mobility, wonderful!

This Japanese issue box is also particularly rare as it was only released in Japan. In later years other boxes were released for the American market but this type remains a firm favorite as it was the first version.

Value: $30.

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