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Updated: March 11, 2007

Presented for your consideration is this one-of-a-kind Papa's Son and Cwanxton Lost in Space Lady B-9 toy robot. With proper batteries installed, and if you know which of her buttons to push, the Lady B-9 utters a catch phrase from the Lost in Space television show. That makes this a battery-operated toy, which will surely further boost its value in your collection.

With the Lady B-9 robot, you can do her hair and dress her up. Or, simply display this marvelous bit of collectible art. Cwanxton items continue to go up and up in value, so invest now and get in on all the good action. Cool toy for your collection!

This is a fan-made item! I've seen it all on eBay now! Eat your heart out, Bob May!

Value: $20.

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