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Updated: May 29, 2005

Two-foot Robot Lost in Space from Trendmasters with Remote-Control Rolling-Action & Talking! Original pharses from the show & you can talk also to Robot thur remote control speaker. Custom Power-Pak very handsome & unique with velcor! Have turned the Red-Claws & Robot-Brain in correct direction. Trendmasters missed those details. Claws are now going vertical instead of horizontal. Brain is correct with flat-side of triangle forward / not the point of triangle front & center. ONE OF KIND not repeating. With the new enhanced additions a more real more fun Robot!

On Control-Plate the top Two White-Buttons Light-up & bottom buttons blink for a fun improve on Trendmasters control-plate sticker! Lights in control- plate run on 8 AA-Battery-Pak which sits in robot hidden-door in legs with switch. The square buttons on control-plate whimsical red & orange with some printed word-functions on square-buttons. The remote-control seen with Robot in #4-picture runs on 9-volt battery. Robot takes D-batteries for his Rolling -Action, talking & Red-Light in head. Picture showing Back of Robot Legs shows volume-dial for Robot voice & switch to activate remote control. All in excellent working condition as is Robot's cosmetic condition has not been played with.

Created by, Jerry VonMueller of New York City.

Value: $250.

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