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Updated: April 23, 2008

Lost in Space customized "AHI Robot" with special features:

* CHEST Cut-Out To Show BLINKING-LIGHTS! Realistic To Robot! * Enhanced Control-Plate: with/TWO-SILVER Control-Buttons. * CLEAR BUBBLE-HEAD w/RED-SPINNER & Light in Head. * POWER-PAC: COOL GREEN-CIRCUIT-BOARD. * ARMS Replaced w/Shorter in-Version: made of Solid-Resin: With Actual AHI: Claws+Cuffs Painted-Silver.

Barrel torso painted metallic-silver & Platform-enhanced w/sheer layer metallic-silver.

On-Off switch Side Robot barrel power by: Two C-batteries newly provided.

Motorized-walking-action & lights Operate simutanously.

Battery-cover back Robot barrel has been replaced custom-made.

One-of-a-kind Robot! Just newly painted & refurbished.

Created by artist, "Jerry VonMueller".

Value: $150.

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