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Updated: November 11, 2023

Just how much modelling can you shoehorn into one colorful, exciting, fantastic volume? You're about to find out… Volume Eight of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller is bursting at the seams with exciting stories and superb photography.

This Issue:

·Alfred Wong - An in-depth interview with the master-making maestro, featuring shots from his collection that will have you drooling into your Cornflakes.

·Scope Dog – Peter Weir builds the amazing new Japanese metal-option kit.

·F-116 – an experimental plane from Joe 90 is given the Mike Adamson expert scratchbuilding treatment.

·Bespin for a tenner? – Is it possible to recreate a convincing Cloud City skyline, complete with spaceships, for just a few pounds? Gary Welsh shows you how.

·Moebius 2008 – what's in store for us over the next twelve months from this major new force in genre injection kits? SFFM has the answers, plus exclusive shots of the upcoming Seaview, Chariot and Space Pod releases.

·Easykits – a review of the latest Star Wars pre-painted quartet from Revell.

·Platz Enterprises – Andy Pearson builds the Enterprise-B straight from the box, whilst your humble Ed battle-damages the C.

·More magic from Neill – concluding a two-part look at Neill Gorton's creature-making for the third season of Doctor Who, covering scarecrows, weeping angels and Toclafane… don't Blink!

·Jason Eaton modifies the 1/20th Wave Maschinen Krieger AFS Mk II.

·Moebius Voyager – it's back, the rarest of Aurora kits under an enterprising new label.

.Buck Rogers Ranger 3 – SF&FM unfreezes Fantastic Plastic's remarkable resin shuttle.

·Iconic Replicas – all that's new from IR, with exclusive shots.

Plus more! 100 pages, softcover, imported from the U.K.

Value: $30.

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