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Updated: February 03, 2022

Issued by Pyramid #X-1679, 1967. Strangely, even though "Lost in Space" was the best & most popular of Irwin Allen's TV series, it only inspired one paperback from a major publisher. The book was written by Dave VanArnam & Ron Archer, & has little relationship with the TV show. The photo choice on the cover is "dreadful", and even the LIS logo was wrong. The book remained highly unpopular & unlike the "Land of the Giants" novels, received only one printing. The novel sold for .60 cents.

Special thanks to Charles Finn of Oceanside, California for the additional info and photos. (Spanish Publication)

Perdidos en el Espacio Published by Editorial Diana c. 1969 Translated by René Cárdenas Barrios Printed in Mexico First edition of 14,000 copies; print run completed on February 18, 1969, Mexico City, Mexico 174 pages No original cover price shown. I picked up my copy for .25 cents at the local Salvation Army thrift shop; it was originally in the local public library, but does not show any discard markings.

Value: $30.

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