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Updated: June 10, 2023

'Never Fear Smith is Here! An evening with Dr. Smith From Lost in Space'.

Limited season from 14th March 1994. The Flyer for this tour was an folded A4 gloss sheet of paper in black white and yellow featuring an illustration of Dr. Smith and The Robot. The full-page advert also doubled as the cover for the video release. The rear of this flyer contains a very brief history of Jonathan's career as well as a section on Booking Details. The Ticket is 5cm ( 2 inch ) by 14 cm ( 5 1/2 inch ) and the writing has faded due to the computer printing process. The book is 8 pages and contains both color and black and white pics. There is a foreword by Glenn and Sally of Entertainment Today PTY LTD. There is a page history of Jonathan titled 'Worth More Than A Zac' and is specifically about his time on LIS and other Television appearances. 'More than a Few Nuts And Bolts' is a history of The Robinson Robot, Dick Tufeld and Bob May while 'Lost in Space' covers the rest of the cast. There is a two-page spread on Jonathan with a list of film, stage and TV credits with a footnote stating that the list is by no means complete due to Jonathan's lengthy career. 'Famous Insults of Dr. Smith' is a very lengthy list of insults issued by Dr. Smith over LIS three year run. 'The Smith Family's Getting Bigger' is a talk with Jonathan on various topics with emphasis on LIS. There is an article on the upcoming Lost in Space Movie titled 'To awaken a Sleeping Giant' which is followed by an 'Irwin Allen Fan Club / Fanzine Round Up'. The last page is a list of credits of all those involved in the production of the Tour and the inside cover is a portrait of Jonathan as Dr. Smith. Jonathan has not signed my copy of this Program. I seem to remember that there was a limit, on the night, on items for Jonathan to sign.

Value: $40.

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