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Updated: June 08, 2023

These 8 x 10 photo's and typed 8x10 letters on CBS overhead paper was released during the original run of Lost in Space from 1965-68. These were sent out to the local networks promoting the cast, guest star alien's of the week, and the upcoming episodes of the show.

These were also sent out to radio stations, sponsors, and fans that wrote to the show. Some of the photos used are quite rare, and are quite collectible of fans today. The Television Networks today still promote there weekly shows in the same manner when doing advertisement and increasing the ratings on their shows. The value of these promo photos / letters ranges in the photo used, and the condition of the CBS letter.

Note: Some of the photos or CBS overheads have burn marks on them. Tape was attached to both the photos and CBS cards. Tape has acid in it, and in time burns paper or plastic. Never use tape on any collectible items. In time, it will damage your item, loosing much of it's current value.

Value: $30-Up.

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