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Updated: September 09, 2021

This is a finished resin casting of a brand new reworking of the season 2 / 3 Lost in Space laser pistol prop. It has been completely re-tooled from scratch to more accurately depict the set-used props. The version that has been floating around for years is woefully inaccurate in terms of size and detail.

This new prop is a near exact repro of the fiberglass midgrade pistol props used in the show. They had one or more hero props, midgrades and foam stunt pieces. I've also included a photo of an actual set-used laser pistol prop for you to compare against!

This is the very first one of these props to be produced and is provided with a custom display stand. FYI - there is a thick steel rod going from halfway through the body to the nozzle, so there is no danger of accidentally snapping the otherwise thin barrel. It is actually the strongest part of the prop! It also gives it a good heft in the hand. Excellent quality reflecting the workmanship and novelty of this new, exciting prop.

Value: $300.

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