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Updated: October 13, 2023

These are three replica Rifles used in the "Lost in Space" TV series. The Chariot, and Laser Rifles were made by "Universal Armorer" in Pittston PA. This Company is no longer in business today. The replica guns are made of plaster, wood, plastic, and metal with fair quality of workmanship to each piece.

( * ) I would like to thank Yahoo member "Clark Wilson" of Sarasota Tampa St. Petersburg for the additional updated photos on these items. The laser pistol with hoster was a fan made item, and really adds a lot to the replica pistol collection.

I recently found additional info on the Chariot Laser Rifle. Irwin Allen usd this design from an old 1960's Remco Mon "Okinawa" gun. I have posted some images here, so you can compare the two rifles.

Value: $800. ( Each )

Received this e-mail on 09/15/03 and additional photos on 09/17/03


I love your website on LIS and refer to it often. I've just completed some 2nd / 3rd season LIS Rifles that I made for other parties and myself. I made the molds from an old Roto Jet Gun, and made the other master molds from scratch. There is also a short 5 second video of one firing. I've also included the link to my B-9 Robot.


Bob Aucutt Cedar Rapids, Iowa B-9:

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