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Updated: April 18, 2024

By Bill Hedges:

Cyclamen Plant ( cyclamen priplaneum ) A voracious plant found on Priplanus has a unique method of reproduction, creating seed pods that resemble an object that is placed near by it. When it is fed fertilizer that has excessivie concentrations of deutronium in it, this species will spread rapidly and grow to enormous size. An even more deadly carnivorous variety of that same plant has been documented, having been brought to the planet by a family of "space croppers".

The specimen shown here was dug up by Dr. Smith and now resides in the Bill Hedges exobotanical garden. Also shown is a platium lily-like flower recovered from the Jupiter mission that is so detailed that it seems as if it could have been alive at some time.

More artifacts and equipment from the Jupiter-2 mission can be found at

Lost In Space Props

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