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Updated: April 24, 2024

An original quality rendered artwork of a very unique looking alien from Lost in Space, known as "The Figure on Planet X". This is a wild looking detailed close up of the alien's bulbous head. This piece has never been seen by Lost in Space enthusiasts before...until now!?

This original Paul Zastupnevich hand-colored, pencil and ink drawing, measures an impressive 8½" wide by 14" tall. It depicts the space alien's head mentioned above and a very interesting historical development… the words "Space Family Robinson" have been written-over with the new title of the television series "Lost in Space" on the upper right hand corner of the original illustration! Wow!

Above the alien's huge head is handwritten on the original: "Use other sketch for Planet man" To the right of the left side of alien's chin is written: "Figure on Planet X" To the left-hand side of the bottom corner of the original drawing there is a pencil drawn side-view, cut-away drawing of the space alien's head's profile, where you can see the huge proposed makeup appliance for the character being worn by an actor. Beneath the neck area of the space alien, is a rear view of the back of the space alien's massive head.

Value: $1,000.

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