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Updated: November 16, 2011

This item was posted on eBay on May 7, 2005:

I purchased this Robot from a fellow selling scripts and other memorabilia from the TV show Lost In Space. He said this was a prop Robot, and I didn't know what he was talking about until I did some research. Indeed it appears to be one of about 50 REMCO Robots used in the episode "THE MECHAICAL MEN" (see shots below). If you've never seen a TV prop from this period, they are not sleek works are of art like today, but rather roughly hewn. Up close you can see where the labels were sanded off and the opening in the back closed (the props have no arm levers-- see production shot). The props Robots were painted either silver and black with red claws, or all silver with red claws.

The solid silver Robots were probably to save time in painting all these Robots? This one is silver/black. The prop Robots where given away to visitors by Irwin Allen, so there is no record of who got them (it is documented that Billy Mumy was given the purple leader Robot). Every now and then one of them pops up but who knows how many are left?

(My Reply:)

After reviewing this item, I find this item as a replica, not an original prop. 1) The color of the Robot is very bright for this time period. 2) The two eye lights in chest were painted white, not clear as the original toy of 1966. 3) There is not enough wiring inside the Robot, when modification was made by the prop department. 4) The plastic spinner inside the bubble dome head was not red, but painted silver. The decals were simply placed within the tread panel area, not glued, and sanding would not be needed. This would also make it appear the prop was old, or worked on. 5) Comparing the Bob May prop given to Ray Dutczak of there are many varys of difference between the two Remco Robots. 6) It is true that each LIS cast member was given a prop Robot after the episode was completed. Billy Mumy was given the Leader Robot, and later gave it away "free" to a fan of the show. 7) Normally the inside of the Robot would not be painted, seeing it would not be seen on the screen.

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