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Updated: July 18, 2017

Here is an original tunic worn by Mark Goddard from Lost in Space. This second season 1966-67 original tunic was obtain from a friend of mind in New York City. The owner of this costume obtained it from the Fox Studios over 30 years ago, and is the original owner of the costume.

I was informed that only several of these costumes were made for the actors/actress, and this costume is in excellent condition. Note the photo's of the tunic from the inside of the costume. There was additional patch work done, and or added to the costume when it was made. The costume was posted on eBay on October 5, 2001 and was sold after 3 days of biding. The item sold off of eBay for $5,500. I would have like to seen this item go throughout the entire auction to see what it might have gone for? Congratulations to who ever obtained this awesome prop costume!

On 05/20/02 was yet another original Mark Goddard tunic for sell. Auction item #1538081122 and ended on 05/24/02. The auction ended with 23 bids and reaching a high price tag of, $6,500.00.

Value: $7,000-Up.

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