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Updated: September 01, 2006

"Lost in Space" Jupiter-2 Miniature SPFX Hull Hatch Artifact Original piece from filmed 4 ft. "Beauty Miniature" restoration, exhibited in shadowbox wall display, comes with hand-signed COA/LOA from the Museum of Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Here's a very rare, unique, and historical piece of Television history. It's a 100% authentic, SPFX hatch cover, that was used in the 4 ft. Jupiter-2 filming miniature during all 3 seasons of the classic television series, Lost in Space.

This 6 1/4" long by 3" wide, custom-made production artifact was fabricated by the 20th Century Fox Visual Effects department in the early 1960's as part of the internal workings of the Jupiter-2 miniature. The one known as the Beauty Miniature, as it was seen in most of the dynamic lift-off and flying sequences throughout the series.

The 4 ft. Jupiter-2 Beauty miniature under-went extensive restoration during the early 1990's, which was much needed after many decades of mis-handling and total lack of preservation efforts by the Studio. A professional Hollywood Special Effects Shop did a detailed restoration of the piece, and attempted to bring the J-2 back to its old glory. Only a hand-full of loose pieces, that were un-necessary for the finished restoration project were left over. And this original screen-used artifact is one of them:

The Hull hatch was constructed using a clear, cut Plexiglas square (obviously with materials from the 1960's era), which was designed to be manipulated internally by a metal control handle, which is attached to another, smaller, Plexiglas square and a small trigger-like protrusion (created with a basic bolt), which would have allowed the operator to simply move the item back and forth creating an open and closed effect, in a hatch area, on the hull of the Jupiter-2.

The original silver surface paint color of the Jupite-2 is still visible on the upper portion of the piece. Contrary to what many fans and so-called "experts" on the Jupiter-2 filming miniature believe, the Jupiter-2 was, in fact, painted with a textured coating. Much like the B-9 Robot, but much finer in texture. Not as textured as the restored Jupiter-2 Beauty miniature ended up being painted. The textured coating was essential for proper lighting and filming of the miniature during production, due to the reflection a smooth silver paint finish would have created.

This piece is accompanied by a quality-made 8" wide by 6" high black shadowbox wall display. The artifact is not permanently secured to the shadowbox. This item is accompanied with a hand-signed, detailed "Letter of Authenticity" and "Certificate of Authenticity", from the proposed Museum of Science Fiction & Fantasy (TMSFF), which was the previous owner/archivist of the 4 ft. Jupiter-2 Beauty miniature. The majority of its original Hollywood memorabilia collection is now predominantly owned, archived and exhibited at the Museum of Science Fiction in Seattle, Washington.

For years The TMSFF also preserved & Exhibited the "Spindrift" Beauty Miniature from Land of the Giants, The 17 ft. "Seaview Miniature" from Voyage to the bottom of the Sea and the main "Hour-glass" center control console from Time Tunnel. The only entity in 3 decades to archive all 4 key pieces, from these beloved Irwin Allen Television series mentioned above, other then 20th Century Fox Studios.

Value: $500.

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