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Updated: April 17, 2024

Hero "Jupiter-2" spaceship filming miniature from Lost in Space. ( CBS TV, 1965-1968 ) In 1965, Irwin Allen gave the American television audience his greatest and most cherished creation, Lost in Space. Mid-1960s audiences were teleported to the escapist world of Lost in Space treating viewers to monsters, ray guns, space battles and of course, the Robot. Colorful sets, creative scripts, and cliffhanger endings set Lost in Space apart from other prime time fare. Legendary special effects modelers L.B. Abbott and Howard Lydecker brought to life one of the greatest marvels of the science fiction world, the Jupiter-2.

This is the hero filming miniature of the fabled spacecraft, measuring 48 in. in diameter, features an articulating landing gear for the landing sequences with original "Fusion Core Atomic Engine" wired with 30+ small incandescent light bulbs which provided the spectacular display on the underside of the Jupiter-2 ( not functional ). The hull of the ship is crafted of fiberglass and wood; the Fusion Core is made of resin and fiberglass with plastic translucent windows for illumination. The original interior flight consoles are present as are two miniature hand carved crewmen ( one with missing arm ) standing behind the main consoles on the bridge. Original gold painted blast shields slide to cover the main window. The model retains its rough "forged steel" texture and color. Following the conclusion of Lost in Space, this model was used in Irwin Allen's City Beneath the Sea, being slightly modified to appear as an underwater habitation with additional circular windows in the ship's hull.

The workmanship of this miniature is beyond compare, created during an earlier era of special effects modeling, long before the advent of computer generated imaging. The miniature has undergone a sympathetic restoration, during which one of the three landing gear has been replicated, along with a replacement bubble mounted at the top center of the ship. Three steel silver painted removable legs are present to display the ship in its "landing configuration". Along with Star Trek's "USS Enterprise" and the "Millennium Falcon" from Star Wars, there are no better known film or television spaceships than the Jupiter-2 from Lost in Space. A rare opportunity to acquire the hero filming miniature spaceship from one of the most beloved classic science fiction shows on television.

Value: $250,000.

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