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Updated: March 18, 2020

Lost in Space Jupiter-2, rare copy of original set-construction blueprint of full-size J-2 exterior / interior set, for building on soundstage at 20th Century Fox Studio's backlot ( 1964 ). Printed by Studio.

This is one of the interesting pieces of classic television memorabilia ever presented on our website. A massive construction blueprint detailing the production design for the set construction of the full-size Jupiter-2 spacecraft from the classic & much beloved TV series, Lost in Space.

Back in the day, some Hollywood memorabilia collectors may not know this, ball-zee Irwin Allen fans, while in the Los Angeles, California area, would walk through the gates of 20th Century Fox Studios and ask to speak to the blueprint department. Sometimes they would call ahead of time and sometimes they didn't. Sometimes they were let in and sometimes they were shunned away. The ones who did make it inside the 20th Century Fox backlot often snuck inside. Keep in mind, that this was long before the popularity of collecting entertainment production props, miniatures, creatures, and wardrobe. The Studios would not even understand an individual at that time, wanting to collect and preserve and archive used production materials. After all, it was very common for them to destroy these directly after filming. There was no official "Studio Archivist" then.

For the lucky enthusiasts who got a "Wonka ticket" (one way or another) into the land of television make-believe, what awaited them was a true fantasy world of their dreams & nightmares. And it was not uncommon for them to come into direct contact with a scarce film or television artifact from one of their favorite movie or TV shows. Such as the full-size Spacecraft mockup from Planet of the Apes, or the full size Spindrift Space Shuttle mock up from Land of the Giants, just to name a few.

There are many legends regarding the diehard Irwin Allen memorabilia collectors of the 1970's exploring the rental departments and storage facilities at the Studio. Playing with priceless miniatures and props that they had been fascinated with since childhood.

The Studio blueprint department would store and archive rolls and rolls and rolls of original pencil-drawn architectural renderings of all of the sets constructed for all of the various films and television shows that had been filmed on the lot or shot out on location. Occasionally, a collector who was well spoken enough to charm the curator of the blueprint department would be able to talk them into copying an original or a first generation copy of an original, and walk away at the end of the day with one or a roll of original blueprints from their favorite film or television show. We want to reiterate that this was a legal transaction which occured over 15 years ago, the Studio department supervisor was in charge of producing and distributing copies of blueprints at his sole discretion. This is an original, sanctioned, approved and authentic vintage blueprint. We have only this " 1 " copy in stock.

The Lost in Space relic, is being seen for the first time ever, very a rare souvenir from one of those successful expeditions to the 20th Century Fox Studios blueprint department over 20 years ago. Measuring an astounding, oversized 36" across by 36" high. This 1st (possibly 2nd) generation blueprint depicts the huge full-size Jupiter-2 spacecraft set as it would be constructed for use during the film production of the original television pilot of the series.

This astounding image is mind-blowing to examine. Here's just some of the writing as depicted on the blueprint on the right-hand margin running vertically downwards (Note: our handwriting is in non-italic below)

Unit #1

1/2 Plan


Wall finish as metal, floor finish as metal

Sheet one of two sheets

Production #. TV 6023

Pilot: Space Family Robinson

Interior Exterior Spaceship

Director: I Allen

Scale = 1/2" = 1-0'

Date 12-11-64

20th Century Fox Film Corp.

List of details

1 = Automatic pilot & circular beam

2 = Environmental chambers & controls (Note: The freezing chambers)

3 = Observation window bay & TYP. rib member (Note: The main view-port window of the J2)

4 = Tool storage exit hatch & controls

5 = Computers

6 = Food & storage (Note: The J-2's kitchen area)

Here is some of the writing around the cylindrical exterior of the Jupiter-2 spacecraft set:

Ramp down, see detail (Note: The ramp leading down from the J-2's entrance)

Wild hatch cover, see detail

Note: Frame all bays for future exterior finish

Observation window

All ribs on 45 degree modules

Note: Provide access for area between rib framing TYP all ribs.

Exterior finish to here

Here is just some of the writing on the image of the interior of the Jupiter-2 set:

Ramp up, see elevation (Note: The main entrance to the J-2)

Hatch exit controls

Tool storage

Master control console (Note: Where the ship is piloted)

Environmental control

Environmental chambers (Note: The freezing chambers)

Navigation dome opening (Note: The dome on the top of the J-2)

Wild ceiling pieces

See plan drawing for automatic pilot (Note: This came to be known as the Astrogator)

Provide CO2 nozzles spot in ceiling & frame as directed Note: These would be used during special effects sequences to spray compressed air to create an element of danger & panic on the J-2.

And there is much, much more.

This is not a fan-copied blueprint. As you can tell by its size, it was printed on an old-style Studio blueprint machine copier. The yellow color is indicative of a 1st or 2nd generation copy of the original. We believe it is most likely a 2nd generation copy due to the sponge-type colorization in various areas. But it was, in fact, generated at 20th Century Fox Studios.

Imagine this historic beauty, matted & framed. There is no doubt it will give the buyer countless hours of viewing pleasure and many opportunities to get a rare inside look at the making of one of the most popular science fiction action adventure series of all time.

Value: $200-Up.

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