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Updated: October 22, 2019

Featured here is a fan-made custom Jimmy Hapgood (Warren Oates) space helmet and the original used on the TV series.

Welcome Stranger (1965)

Warren Oates: Jimmy Hapgood

Special Quotes:

Will Robinson : Bet you were surprised to see us.

Jimmy Hapgood : Oh, I'm not too surprised to find people, son.

Will Robinson : What are you surprised at?

Jimmy Hapgood : Well, I'll tell ya: Finding things that you know can't exist but do. Happenin's that'd put your heart up in your mouth and your blood down your toes. Livin' things that breath in fire and swim in ice.

Jimmy Hapgood : Well, how about that! Then you're all just like me, ain't ya? You're as lost as a wood tick on a bald mountain.

Jimmy Hapgood : Say, if you fellas are still mad at me, just say so and I'll leave.

Prof. John Robinson : We're not angry. Least I'm not.

Jimmy Hapgood : [to Don] You still mad?

Maj. Don West : No. I'm just sorry I didn't hit you any harder.

Jimmy Hapgood : Was a pretty good fight, wasn't it?

Maj. Don West : [grinning] Yeah. That it was.

Value: $3,000.

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