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Updated: December 28, 2015


This is the original console that was used throughout the entire 3 seasons of Lost in Space; including the unaired pilot "No Place to Hide".

It was originally located on the upper deck throughout the pilot episode and then later, the lower deck viewport. As many may know, Irwin Allen (the creator/ producer of the show and director of the original pilot "No Place to Hide") cleverly used the film footage of that pilot for the opening few episodes of the series. Once the series was given the go-ahead, a lower deck was added.

Therefore in the series, we see it first on the upper level of the Alpha Control room behind the announcer and then behind Dr. Smith's stowaway chair entrance, and then on the upper deck after take-off and during the meteor storm's still up there in episode 4's "There Were Giants in the Earth. However, it is after this that we see the console permanently located at the lower deck viewport.

The consoles used in the series, as well as in Batman at the same studio (20th Century Fox), were identical except for one in Lost in Space which was modified by the effects team to accommodate a meter.

This console however was not modified. It is entirely unique due to the extra amount of lights (203 as opposed to the standard 197) 5 extra printed commands and 6 extra switches, all of which are original to the console and not the results of prop alteration. Made by the ElectroData Corporation before they were taken over by the Burroughs Corporation, it was specifically designed in 1954 to conduct data reduction from multiple sources. It began operations sixty years ago in 1955 and, following retirement, was 10 years old by the time it was purchased Century Fox and used in 1965's Lost in Space TV series along with other redundant consoles and computing hardware.

The console was finally purchased in 2001 and, by then a staggering 46 years old, needed attention. Most noticeable of all, the console's face had been crudely painted dark blue/ black at some stage after the show's cancellation, thereby obscuring all the original detail. It is unclear if this was done by Fox or the subsequent prop house that bought it from them. The composition of that paint was positively identified and then professionally and successfully removed; revealing all the original nomenclature and color. The original lighting, hardware etc. that went with it were cleaned up and re-connected. Other than the repair of internal circuits and wiring, the Console has not undergone any restoration work and now, at 60 years old, is operational and lighting just as it did 50 years ago on Lost in Space.

(*) Special thanks to, "Paul Baxter" for this item!

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