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Updated: April 04, 2024

I have photos of the Will Robinson spacesuit that show the alterations. Photo #1 measuring tape over the area where snaps were sewn for the front flap. almost 24".

Photo #2 detailed photo of the area where the front flap once snapped close with a strip of snaps before it was altered and shortened.

Photo #3 cuff detail of alteration to bottom braid which was raised and the cuff length shortened. The entire original cuff is still present and was only altered not removed.

Photo #4 new photo without tape measure.

I hope these photos help explain what is clearly visible on the spacesuit. If this had been a copy I believe they wouldn't have wasted time making the front flap acurate and make it vertical to the zipper as most jumpsuits do. The collar has been removed. This has clearly been altered and the only person small enough to have worn it is Billy Mumy. I also believe it to be from the first season.


Jay Gowey

( * ) I Sent Bill an e-mail with photos and info on this costume. Bill was quick with a reply on February 2, 2006.

Hi Robert,

Well, I don't know... why would the collar be removed? If it was a costume I'd actually worn on camera it would say "Billy" in it... but since they conveniently removed the collar... it's impossible to know. The original silver suits were very heavy canvas. They didn't bend much. Later, they switched to a nylon / mylar type material. I'd be very wary of this if I were you, but... I certainly can't say for certain it's not real. But I also can't authenticate it. Even if I had it in my hands, odds are I wouldn't be 100% sure with the collar gone... Hell, even with a collar, how could I be 100% sure about it? It's been over 40 years! You know, it's a belief system... if you believe it's real... I guess it's real. For you! Do you need it? No! So... it's up to you. If it makes you happy and you hurt no one... do whatever you like.



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