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Updated: April 01, 2024

"Boy, do I have a story to tell on this item! Orginally this prop came from Jay Gowey from Apache Junction Arizona. A fellow LIS fan, and a dear friend of mind was bidding on this item on eBay. Kevin finally won the item, but was sadden that I lost the item. Several months passed, when I received an e-mail from Kevin offering me the prop. He sold me the prop for $150.00 less than what he paid for it. He really wanted me to have the item in my collection.

"This is a cast latex mold from the original taken off the original in 1985. This was used for filiming the LIS episode, "Space Destructors" and aired on CBS on 10/11/67. "Many thanks to Kevin for selling this rare item to me. I know that this item was very special to Kevin. But mostly it was more special to Kevin to give then to receive. I will always be very grateful to Kevin and will treasurer this item forever!"

Value: $1,500.

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