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Updated: September 09, 2023

Angela Cartwright "Penny Robinson" Priplanian Turtle from Lost in Space ( CBS, 1965-1968 ). Vintage original EFX turtle constructed of metal, wood, fiberglass, and foam and latex rubber, painted in browns and greens. The turtle's head is on a bobble system, with shell on top of a wheel undercarriage designed to be pulled with leg movement connected by crank to the wheel axle. Includes one head mask that is detached and has lost all elasticity. Built for and used on the Season 1 episode "There Were Giants in the Earth", the Priplanian turtle resembles the large Galapagos tortoise on Earth, but featured long spikes on its shell which were removed post-production when it was repurposed by the studio for use in Doctor Doolittle ( 1967 ). Penny ( Cartwright ) befriended the creature both she and the simian Bloop ( nicknamed Debbie ) rode the turtle for several miles before being located by John Robinson ( Guy Williams ) while flying his jetpack. The turtle measures 45" x 42" x 16", and exhibits age, oxidation to the metal components, paint loss, 4-feet are present ( only 2-feet are still attached ) with foam and rubber deterioration.

Value: $2,000.

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