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Updated: March 31, 2024

Lost in Space 2nd and 3rd Season replica prop Lunar Model's laser gun / pistol painted. This is the more sci-fi stylin' gun from the later seasons, not the chunkier black handgun from the first season. This is a silver painted gun with a grip best sized for small or medium hands ( such as those of Billy Mumy, say ). It is fully painted in silver. There is a divot under the barrel where the trigger is supposed to go.

For true verisimiltude, a small spike would need to be added to the magazine pointing out along the barrel ( there is a little hole where this spike would be anchored ) and, of course, you will want to add the jewels that were originally glued to the magazine There is a large orange jewel at the end of the gun, but you can see tiny round marks where the smaller crystals should be.

The barrel appears to be a wooden rod, instead of the spiral length of rebar used in the original show. The end cone and fins also feel a bit light, but the magazine and grip certainly feel like resin to my inexperienced hands. This appears to be a fan-made or 'garage' kit, and does show surface imperfections like air bubbles. The gun measures 14 1/8 inches long, and 5.75 inches grip to top. The grip is about 4 inches long at the longest point.

Value: $350.

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