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Updated: April 04, 2024

Very rare sculpture of the beloved Dr. Zachary Smith, fashioned from the third season episode, "Space Destructors". This head was made sometime in the 1980's; only four were made ( to my knowledge ). I bought it in Atlanta, GA in association with a Sci-Fi Con. This was fan produced and NOT an original.

It is in pretty good condition but the right cheek has a tear; looks like thin rubber in the cheek is pulling apart. Also, the neck has a tear in the rubber, about 3 inches toward the jaw line. It makes a creepy display and is a must have for any avid Lost in Space collector. This head will display fine "as is" and is being sold as such but would be brought back to mint condition with minimal restoration. The damage is due to age and not from rough handling. This head cannot be worn; the neck opening is not large enough to allow wear. It is meant to be displayed only. His hair needs light brushing to make it look good ( he's been in a box for a while ). Jonathan Harris had one of the originals in the foyer of his home for years after the filming of the episode in which it appeared.

Value: $200.

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