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Updated: September 13, 2022

If you are a baby boomer who grew up in the 1960's (as I did), then you will certainly remember the lovable robot from the TV series "Lost in Space." Talking back to Dr. Smith and warning Will Robinson, the robot was arguably the most popular character on the show.

Now is your opportunity to own a replica of the actual B-9 robot from "Lost in Space." He has been expertly built by extremely talented fans who spared no expense to re-create the robot in astounding detail (please see pictures) but it is important to note that the robot is in no way affiliated with Space Productions who owns the rights to Lost in Space or with B9 Creations. The robot measures approx. 7 feet tall and weighs approx. 200 pounds. He speaks and lights up just like the real thing. In fact, his speech is taken from the man who did the voice of the robot in the 1960's TV series. He is fully poseable but not motorized.


Preserve Robinson family Monitor Planetary environment Give sufficient WARNING!!! if danger is imminent- Was created by Robert Kinoshita who also created Robby the Robot from "Forbidden Planet".

- In 1960, the Robot cost $75,000 to create and weighs upwards of 200 pounds; 2 Robot suits were created. In today's money, that cost could exceed $1 million.

- For the first three episodes of the show, movement was accomplished by an actor walking inside the Robot. This became too difficult, so whenever a scene required movement, an actor would carry the upper portion of the Robot on his back and the director would shoot the action from the Robot's legs up. Sometimes tracks were laid down and the entire Robot was manually pulled by workers off-camera.

- The voice of the Robot was Dick Tufeld, a popular freelance announcer in Hollywood. Dick also did the Robot's voice for the feature film version of Lost in Space.

- The actor inside the robot costume was Bob May, a former stuntman and dancer for Warner Brothers Pictures.

- Remco produced toy replicas of the Robot that are highly sought-after in today's collectors' market. In mint condition, the toy now sells for about $750!

- The Robot spent many years in storage, but was restored by an executive producer at Fox, Kevin Burns.

(*) This page is a tribute to fan-made replica B-9 robots. If you have built or purchase one of these replica robots, we invite you to send us your photos. Please e-mail us at,

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