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Updated: June 26, 2023

Lost in Space Movie:

Release date: April 3, 1998


Gary Oldman ............ Dr. Zachary Smith Matt LeBlanc ........... Major Don West William Hurt ............John Robinson Mimi Rogers .............Maureen Robinson Lacey Chabert ...........Penny Robinson Heather Graham ..........Judy Robinson Jack Johnson ............Will Robinson Jared Harris.............Older Will Robinson

Directed by: Stephen Hopkins Produced by: Mark W. Koch, Akiva Goldsman, Stephen Hopkins, Carla Fry Executive producer: Mace Neufeld, Robert Rehme, Richard Saperstein, Michael De Luca Director of photography by: Peter Levy Music by: Jerry Goldsmith Production designer: Norman Garwood Costume design by: Robert Bell, Vin Burnham, Gilly Hebden Edited by: Ray Lovejoy Screenwriter: Akiva Goldsman Visual effects supervisor: Angus Bickerton

Rated PG-13 for some intense sci-fi action. Running time 130 minutes


Comments: The movie, "Lost in Space", is an $80 million spin-off of the classic '60's TV adventure series. The movie starts in the year 2056. The Robinson family is selected to travel through space to another planet to prepare it for human colonization. The space vehicle, "Jupiter-2", is piloted by Don West. Dr. Smith is the evil stow away. The space vehicle flies off course and they get 'lost in space'. Together, they have to return to planet Earth and save the human race.

Cameo appearances from some of the original cast include the original Robinson sisters - Angela Cartwright ( Penny ) and Marta Kristen ( Judy ) as well as June Lockhart ( Maureen ) and Mark Goddard ( West ).

"Lost in Space" includes an open-ended finish. No surprise here. If all goes well there will be sequels? Lost in Space is opening in a record 3,306 theaters. The previous record had been held by "The Lost World: Jusrassic Park" which opened in 3,281 theaters on 23 May 1997.

Box Office weekend of 3-5 April - Lost in Space comes in at number 1 with estimated $20.5 million for North American weekend box office based on preliminary figures available Sunday 5 April. It sinks Titanic after Titanic cuises for 15 consecutive weeks at number 1 but can not make it 16.

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