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Updated: May 17, 2022

"Jupiter-1" 42 in. spaceship filming miniature from Lost in Space. (New Line, 1998) The massive Jupiter-1 spacecraft was used to launch the smaller Jupiter-2 into orbit in the 1998 feature film. Measuring 42 in. diameter, the highly detailed miniature exhibits a steel substructure under a resin hull hand etched and molded with high-tech detailing and painted in various shades and textures of gray with silver accents. Labeled, "Allied Space Organization of Mexico America and Canada", "Jupiter-1", "A.S.O.M.A.C.", "Jupiter Mission", "J1" and "277-2211". The bottom portion of the saucer shaped craft features downward oriented thrusters and a center hub wired with electronics to sequentially illuminate a series of light bulbs to exhibit the strobe effect of the fusion core drive. Two small sections that appear to be hangar doors and top bubble are missing but can be easily replicated. The original cover for the fusion core drive is present, but detached. Electronics untested. In production used very good condition.

Value: $50,000-Up.

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